Sunday, February 17, 2013

Advertise All Over The World With Moonlight Art Magazine

Why Advertise With Us?

In this day and age, with the economy the way it is, it's very hard to get people to want to buy anything these day, so I decided to make Moonlight Art Magazine FREE for download, and encourage everyone to pass it onto their friends, in the exact same way that many do, when pirating their favorite movie, book, comic book, or video game. If it's free and it's legal, then all the roadblocks (moral or otherwise) have been removed to download and have it.

How Much Is Ad Space?

$250 gets you a full page ad and the option to announce your events up to once a week, on our blog, (just send us what you want on their and we'll post it) and three times a week on our twitter for three months after the initial release of the issue your ad appears in. Once your ad is out there, it can be copied and re-posted as many times as people around the world care to do it. Potentially, your ad could be in circulation forever.

How Will People Find Moonlight Art Magazine?

Once an issue has been made available for download, an announcement will be put out to go to our blog to find out where to download it. Multiple links will be given. We will use Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Craig's List, Linked In,, as well as other on line communities to do this, as well as contacting art and comic book media with a press release.

E Mail: for more info.