Sunday, February 17, 2013


If you believe that art and comic books are an extension of their creators soul, than this is the free online magazine for you. If you believe that the limitations of language are creating a world of distrust and anger, and that art can brake down the barriers that create the divides in society, than this is the magazine for you. If you believe that every picture is not only worth more than a thousand words, but can speak to civilization about the past, present, and future and what our place in it is, than you'll want to read Moonlight Art Magazine.

Moonlight Art Magazine is a FREE online publication, featuring comic book stories, articles, videos, and interviews by Christopher Moonlight, as he seeks to better understand how art and soul shape our reality, our love, and our path to enlightenment. Readers and down-loaders are encouraged to copy, re-upload, and send to their friends and fellow art lovers, as much as they want.

The New Issue #1 comes out in March, 2013!

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Warning: May contain depictions of artistic nudity. Reader discretion is advised.